Colour Matching

Enchanting sample with Swatch Card
Enchanting sample with Swatch Card

We understand how imperative it can be to get everything matching perfectly! (We’re pretty OCD to be honest!) We therefore offer a colour matching service to ensure that you get the right ribbon for colour scheme.

When you order a sample, you will be sent a swatch card along with your requested items. This swatch card is a guide to the shades of Berisford ribbons that we offer. If however, you find that none of the shades on your swatch card match what you are looking for, then we do offer another brand of ribbon by a manufacturer called Satab.

Satab have such a HUGE range of shades available that we don’t include them on our swatch cards, but this variety will most likely be of great use to you if you are trying to find an exact match for a particular colour.

Ribbon Shade Guides
Ribbon Shade Guides

We have 2 options for matching to a Satab ribbon. You are welcome to use either of the following methods for colour matching!


Option 1 - Send us your fabric

  1. Send us a swatch of the bridesmaid / chair sash / other fabric that you would like to match the colour of.
  2. We will match the fabric colour for you against a ribbon colour guide that we have here at Enchanting HQ. We will take photos of your fabric against the ribbon we believe is the best match. These photos will then be emailed to you to see what you think.

Option 2 - Purchase your own Satab ribbon guide

  1. Head over to our wonderful supplier The Handcrafted Card Company at
  2. Order the bottom option which is referred to as the  “Satab Double Faced Satin Ribbon Shade Card”
  3. Once your card arrives and you have found a match, just let us know the shade number / code that can be found on the Satab shade guide.


We hope this has been helpful but if you have any questions about matching colours then please don’t hesitate to give us a shout! Our contact details are over here x